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Welcome to My Vedic Roots

My Vedic Roots is founded by Ms. Ekta Mangal and co-founded by Mr. Yash Mangal, Ms. Sweta Mangal and MUrgency Inc., USA, a leading business incubator and accelerator. My VedicRoots goal is to connect Indians living abroad (outside India) with their Vedic Roots through Pooja (prayers), Yoga, Vaastu (traditional Indian system of architecture originating in India), Astrology and Vedic Education. Vedas are ancient Indian traditions consisting of the Rig Veda (hymns about their mythology); the Sama Veda (hymns about religious rituals); the Yajur Veda (instructions for religious rituals); and the Atharva Veda (spells against enemies, sorcerers, and diseases)

Ms. Mangal grew up in Rajasthan in a deeply religious Indian hindu family and spent her school holidays in Pushkar, Rajasthan, where her grandparents had a dharmshala (guest house) for the pilgrims. In 2001, she moved outside India becoming a truly global citizen living since then in Dubai (UAE), London (UK), Singapore, Paris (France) and now in Bay Area, California (USA).

Since moving outside India, she felt a vacuum to find a trusted and accessible means to stay connected to her Indian and Vedic (hindu) roots. And the idea of MyVedicRoots was born out of her desire to stay connected to her Indian and Vedic (hindu) roots and to make similar connection available to the Indian Diaspora estimated to be 32.00 million people living in all 195 Countries in the world. She has completed her Master’s in Business Administration and professionally been running leading sports and media academies all around the world till she stepped out to launch MyVedicRoots full time in association with MUrgency, Inc.