Astrology Predictions for 2021


Astrology prediction, also known as horoscope is a chart study of a person’s forecast by checking his or her birth date, time and place. Many people and businesses continue their day to day routine depending on the predictions given for their respective zodiac signs. Here detailed predictions for each zodiac symbols for year 2021!

ARIES [March 21 - Aril 19]


This year will have a good start and will be fulfilled in terms of career and relations. Relations with friends and associates will improve till the mid of this year.

There might be some challenges in your career after this period but keep calm and handle situations wisely, controlling your temper. Otherwise chances are that you might lose some relations. 

Overall you will observe exponential financial growth this year. It is good time for long time investments. But be careful when it comes to trading, because there might be phases where you will face financial constraints amidst all this situation. 

You will blessed with support of your partner this year in all phases of your life. Your partner will be more active in the relation and engage in activities together. At some point it might seem dull but just remember it’s passing phase and go with the flow. 

There will be some lazy and some serious phases of academics/ career. But overall there will be a lot of struggle which at times might create mental pressure but will give good end results to succeed. 

Overall mental, physical and emotional quotient will remain high in this year

TAURUS [April 20 - May 20]


Planetary situations will be supportive of your professional life this year. You will evolve as a professional and this will benefit your value. You will be generally in happier mood which will improve your performance too. The planetary situations are so that it will benefit your career and life and this year you will feel more confident and enthusiastic. 

You will have a satisfactory financial year. There are chances of investments in mid 2021. 

Celestial energies will be better than last year in terms of relationships. There will be many enjoyment and intimacy days but there might be delays in certain aspects. On such occasions, avoid speaking harsh. Do not over expect.

If you want to go closer to your academic dreams, you cannot afford to laze around this year. You need to study thoroughly. If you are attempting any entrance exams, you will get expected results if and only if you avoid being lazy and moody. 

GEMINI [May 21 - June 20]


In 2021, Gemini will see rise in financial benefits. This is a good time for long term investments from mid year. However consult with experts while doing so, this will increase the derivatives of the investments. 

From relation point of view, singles will have a chance to fall in relationships. The ones already in relation might plan to get married and/ or get closer. 

If a gemini is planning for higher studies, this is a good year for them. The celestial arrangements are in their favour this year and will master their studies with great enthusiasm. If you want to pursue any kind of professional course, it is good year to do that too. 

Health wise you will notice long term ailments vanishing away. Be careful of your diet though. 


CANCER [June 21 - July 22]


Year 2021 for Cancer is year of transitions. You might face changes in every aspect of your life but they are for your own good. Financially, this year is going to be pretty good and stable. But you have to cater your needs and not your wants this year. 

Rise in income but equal rise expenses. Do not spend without inspection.

With relationship point of view,  misunderstandings might be there and they might even cause arguments till September 2021. Keep this in consideration and act mature enough to not take any harsh decisions. 

Coming towards education it is seen that you are going to need more efforts then usual but don’t worry, you’ll also have the ability to take as much as efforts required. You’ll be applying your knowledge to application on regular basis and will be recognised for your efforts whether it’s regarding work or studies. 

The only cautious thing is regarding business partnerships as Saturn is aspecting the sign this year. Health wise cancers will be sluggish this year. Some serious ailments might occur but they will gone for good. 

LEO[July 23 - August 22]


Leo will become more organised and clearer in terms of thoughts and aims. The cosmic alignments are in favour of Leo this year in terms of growth but this growth has a cost of your hard work. There is no time for relaxation if you expect development and growth in any way. The year is obstacle free for career and love life. 

Major component of growth this year is learning to let go. There are many eclipses this year that will trigger your personal, professional and community life. 

You might get tempted to add luxury items to your lifestyle but mind that this is not the year for it. It will difficult to tackle the pressure if you are getting influenced by someone to do so. You are likely to join communities and forums.

This year your community and offline social life is going to increase. If at all you have been ignoring socialising, this will be the time where it will confront you. 

VIRGO [August 23 - September 22]


This year is creative and enthusiastic for Virgo this year. Whatever you plan to do, it will turn to be good but you need to look into each and every matter prior starting it.  

Just don’t lose confidence if things aren’t working your way. You need to make logic to understand the complexity of everything happening around you. 

You may experience flaws in your thinking and decision making but going through those experiences will only give you better solutions. You are advised to use logic in the right direction and a constructive manner in accordance with your sign. 

LIBRA [September 23 - October 23]


2021 is most auspicious for Libra. Talking in terms of finance, there are high chances of hike in your regular source. You can even expect raise and appreciation at the current position. 

If you are aiming for higher studies, this year is in your favour as there is possibility of better retention. If participating in any creative competition, you are likely to do well.  Just don’t be over confident in any of this journey.

You are likely to develop your stamina and immunity this year. There are also chances of getting settled down this year.

SCORPIO [October 24 - November 21]


Scorpians will have moderate financial year through steady sources. You will be admired by your peers and friends. 

Be meticulous in your work and actions. You will be happy with the relations you are having and might observe steady rise in social status. Towards the end of the year, you might meet someone special romantically. 

There is room for good academics and learning skills this year. This knowledge won’t go vein and will be helpful to you practically. This will a good year if you are planning to improve or learn new skills. 

Health wise you will wiser than most of the times and get fitter too along with good stamina. 

SAGITTARIUS [November 22 - December 21]


This year is the time for expanding your social circle. Making new friends, joining associations, falling in love with that one special person. It all is going to happen this year. Work will have an interesting turn as it is directly associated with growth of income. 

The first three months will test your academic performance and will review your past studies. Students in mass media or working on a thesis will get great and expected results.

Health wise you will be more progressive and that will be praised as it will be a visible effort to everyone around you. Get good sleep to reduce mental stress. 

CAPRICORN[December 22 - January 19]


The transit of the planets will make you spend more but on a calculative mode. Planning of investments and expenditure is first thing to keep in mind when it comes finances this year. 

In terms of relationships, 2021 will be a good year. Any ego clashes from the past will subside improving relation from both sides.  You will find yourself spending happier moments together.

This is a good year for students planning for higher education in research and experimentation. The career decisions you will take this year will be with you till long run.

Along with career, business and work are also in your favour. This is good year for those who have stepped out of high schools and universities. It might feel challenging but will help you settle down for good. A little patience will take you long way. 

Something that you need to focus on this year is your health both mental and physical. Make sure you get adequate amount of nutrition and sleep. This will fight off the stress that may develop due to work. As good health leads an easier way for good wealth. 

AQUARIUS[January 20 -February 18]


First few months of 2021 might see stringent moments of finance. You will have continuous and steady expenditure that might be against your will. There might even come a stage in 2021 where expenditure will be more than income. But in the second half of the year things will start getting steadier. It seems to be a promising year for investing in a property. 

An emotional connect with a certain person also has ability to sow seeds of love and affection in this year. The void that you were experiencing might get filled by this particular person. Gradually you two might even decide to settle down in a permanent relation together.

It’s an auspicious alignment of the planets for pursuing higher studies. The students who already have prepared a regime for their dream career will succeed this year.

In terms of health, you need to be more careful considering diet and workout too. Chances are that your appetite might increase so it is important for you to be mindful of your diet. 

PISCES[February 19 - March 20 ]


The start of the year will see increase in income and saving for hay days. You will guard yourself to sudden expenditures. This will continue till end of April 2021. 

There will be beneficial social gatherings this year increasing your social status from January to April and September to October. It is advised to get along with high and mighty and maximise the advantage of the same.

Your academic success this year will be a congregation of hard work and little good luck. This will go along till end of April. After that students are advised to plan and study in order to get good performance.

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