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  • Yoga is an art as well as a science. It is a science, because it offers practical methods for controlling body and mind, thereby making deep meditation possible. And it is an art, for unless it is practiced intuitively and sensitively it will yield only superficial results.
  • Yoga is not a system of beliefs. It takes into account the influence on each other of body and mind and brings them into mutual harmony. So often, for instance, the mind cannot concentrate simply because of tension or illness in the body, which prevents the energy from flowing to the brain. So often, too, the energy in the body is weakened because the will is dispirited, or paralyzed by harmful emotions.
  • Yoga works primarily with the energy in the body, through the science of pranayama, or energy-control. Prana means also ‘breath.’ Yoga teaches how, through breath-control, to still the mind and attain higher states of awareness.

Why My Vedic Roots

  • Personalized Yoga Training.
  • Our sessions are tailor-made to suit your requirements. Personal yoga instructor deepens your practice by helping you understand your body’s limits and modifies poses for you effectively, resulting in faster progress.
  • Highly Certified Instructor.
  • All our trainers are certified by recognized bodies that are reputed globally. However, at Vedic yoga, we believe in ongoing learning. Therefore, our trainers are regularly trained on higher courses by experts and fellow practitioners.
  • In addition to certified trainers, we offer the services of personal care managers who will manage your needs. They will follow up regularly with you and obtain feedback. Our professionals know the in and out of the health-care system and will help you to improve. You can place your trust in us for complete yoga care.
  • Assessment is an integral part of our program. Every month, a team leader will visit you to assess your progress and seek feedback on the sessions. This helps us improve your sessions by including timely changes. And helps us achieve our goals faster.
  • In The Comfort at Your Home.
  • At-home yoga sessions not only give you the luxury to align sessions with your own personal schedule but also saves time for more productive things than traveling.
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