Mr. Lamba

Vastu Expert

Mr.Lamba Vastu Consultant & Astrologer is the Best Vastu Consultant in USA

Mr.Lamba is consulting for Astrology, Vastu Shastra and Horoscope Reading and Consulting for Birth Charts Kundli Guidance for the Past 18 Years to Clients all over India and the World. Mr.Lamba started Studing Vatu and Astrology began in the year 1992 and over the time of next 10 years, wherein alongside his graduation in Mumbai, he concentrated under different stalwarts of this science and subsequently idealized the speciality of Jyotish Astrology or Kundli Guidance.

He emphatically trusts in the massive force of Astrology and Horoscopes and needs to give the Horoscope Guidance and Predications to help his customers. Likewise, the Practice of Vastu Shastra has been a writer for Various Magazines and Newspapers and has Authored more than 1,000 articles on the Topic of Vastu Shastra and Astro Numerology in Various Leading news Papers, Magazines in Mumbai.

        Amit Lamba Provides Complete Horoscope Jyotish Consultations as Mentioned Below:

     Horoscope Guidance for Professional Growth (Job or Business Guidance As Per Horoscope Or Kundli.

     Marriage Horoscope Matching/Kundli Matching

     Schooling or Foreign Travels Guidance as Per Horoscope.

     Wellbeing Related Issues Or Prediction Based On Horoscope.

     Gemstone Consultation – Suggesting Lucky Gems as Per Horoscope.

     Numerology Consulting.

     Vastu Shasta Consulting For Home/Office/Factories/Restaurants


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Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature Namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space .
Amit Lamba Vastu Consultant and Vastu Shastra Expert Based in Mumbai
Amit Lamba Offers Personalized Vastu Shastra Visit and does Analysis of Vastu Doshas for your home office factory etc and Provides Specific Vastu Shastra Solutions and guidance .
Amit Lamba also Offers Online Vastu Shastra Consultancy for Clients around India or around the world .A Vastu Expert Helps to balance them in order to Provide A Positive Environment for Health and Wealth and Success of the Persons Living or working in that Place .


Amit Lamba A Numerology Expert is the Best Numerology Consultant in Mumbai and belongs to a traditional Hindu family of Astro – Numerologists . My father who is a Highly Successful businessman is also a religious mystic and Astro- Numerologist and faith healer was my first inspiration and is my divine guidance in the field of Numerology Astrology and Vastu Shastra . My initiative in this divine science started in the year 1992 and Over the period of next 10 years, wherein along with my graduation in Mumbai ,I studied under various stalwarts ofAstrology and Numerology and thus perfected the art of Numerology Astrology and Vastu Shastra .

Amit Lamba is Based in Mumbai and is Consulting for Astrology Numerology and Vastu Shastra for the Past 19 Years to Clients all over India and the World. Amit Lamba Provides Complete Consultations for . 1) Personal Name Change 2) Horoscope Reading and Personal Astrology 3) Baby Name Numerology 4) Company Name Numerology , 5) Brand Name Numerology 6) Horoscope Match Making for Marriage and Vastu Shastra Consultancy .Amit Lamba is Considered one of the Top Most Astro Numerologist in Mumbai INDIA And is Located in Chembur Bombay and Has Over the Years has Provided Excellent Numerology and Astrology Predictions Online  to Clients from various countries like India, USA, UK, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc . Everyone from a Businessman , Company CEO , Persons in the Media Etc . Have Gained Immense Benefits from his Predictions .

Amit Lamba is Considered Among the Best Numerologist in India and a Top Astrologer , A Number 1 Consultant in India who takes into account Both Numerology and Astrology and Can Provide you Accurate Astrology Along with Numerology Guidance and Suggest you Simple Solutions to your Problems .