Mr. Mukesh Maru Vastu Expert

Mr. Mukesh Maru Vastu Expert


Mr. Mukesh Maru Vastu Expert
Mr. Mukesh Maru Vastu Expert

Mr. Mukesh Premji Maru is a Mumbai based vastu professional serving the residential & commercial global vastu area since 2001. We specialise in custom home improvements as well as community & commercial buildings. Around the years we have completed infinite vastu projects bringing the clients dreams to life .

According to our vastu expert, including vasta shastra into living areas, work places gives improved health, relations, finances. Along with that it gives higher energy levels and better rest, sleep. When vastu shastra is included to any structure it improves personal and professional growth and a positive transformation.


Mr. Maru Provides vastu consultancy services mentioned below:

  1. Vastu advice for the selection of the plot.
  2. Vastu advice for the construction details.
  3. Vastu advice for the renovation of the buildings.
  4. Residential Vastu.
  5. Commercial Vastu.
  6. Industrial Vastu.
  7. Spiritual Vastu.
  8. Interior designing by Vastu Shastra.
  9. Vastu remedies based on pyramids & crystals.
  10. Vastu for multi storey buildings.
  11. Online Vastu.
  12. Vastu services through plan of the area.
  13. Vastu services through personal supervision

We usually consult vastu consultant when there’s purchase of new living spaces and working areas. It is a good practice to consult vastu experts before beginning our new endeavour but at times we experience some unknown problems which won’t be expected usually, at such times it’s best to consult a vastu expert.

Some of the situations are mentioned below:

  1. If due to sickness of the building you are often facing ill-health.
  2. If missing love & harmony between you and your spouse for longer period.
  3. If your kids are not respecting elders.
  4. If children are showing less interest in academics.
  5. If unfaithful servants are troubling.
  6. If you are suffering with restless & sleepless nights.
  7. If your savings are slowly vanishing.
  8. If you are not having the peace and prosperity in the house.
  9. If  your shop sales are not increasing.
  10. If machines in your industry are not running properly or there always are some unavoidable circumstances comes to obstruct your work.
  11. If anyone in your family seems hyperactive, cranky or moody for no apparent reason.
  12. If there’s energy drain within yourself.
  13. If there is any room where you feel scary or fear going in.
  14. If you are feeling depressed or suffering job dissatisfaction.
  15. If you observe disrespect from employees or lack of recognition from employer.
  16. If you are missing good clients / loss in-spite of all efforts.
  17. If there is a fear of mis-carriages / abortion during pregnancy.
  18. If there are retirement worries keeping you awaken at nights.

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is the science of directions that combines all the five elements of nature Namely Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space .
Mr. Maru is Vastu Consultant and Vastu Shastra Expert
He offers Personalised Vastu Shastra Visit and does Analysis of Vastu Dosha for your home, office, factory etc and Provides Specific Vastu Shastra Solutions and guidance .
Mr. Maru also Offers Online Vastu Shastra Consultancy for Clients around India or around the world .A Vastu Expert Helps to balance them in order to Provide A Positive Environment for Health and Wealth and Success of the Persons Living or working in that Place .