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My Vedic Roots Provides Top Astrology Services in the United States of America with trusted Astrologers who provide solutions and facilitate the position of the Planets and what is the impact on your Health, Career, and Relationships.

Astrology is derived from two Greek words Astra means a star and logos mean logic or reason. It is the study of the movements of planets and stars and their influence on our daily life. The study of Astrology helps us to understand the planetary position of the person at any time and also predicts the positive and negative results in the life of the person. Astrology helps us to identify how we can make use of the possible tools during the good and bad phases of our life.

We at have a group of specialists who have effectively enhanced lives through powerful Astrology consultations and recommendations. 

Our esteemed Astrologists have created exceptional strategies to bring maximum benefit to our clients. It can bring positive energies and vibes to a wide range of areas – from home to work to relationship harmony. 

My Vedic Roots experts will guide you through the process of understanding your birth chart and how the planet’s movements can affect your life path. 

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Booking details: Here’s how it works. Book an Astrologer now using the payment tab and you’re good to go! From here on My Vedic Roots group will start the process of creating a detailed report based on your date and time of birth and your family name. Once you receive your report, a 30 minutes call with the Astrologer will be organized to answer your questions on the report. 

Languages: Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, and English.

    Why My Vedic Roots Astrology

  1. We have verified and experienced the top Astrologers network.
  2. One to one consultation.
  3. Best result guarantee. 
  4. High-quality service.
  5. Competitive pricing.

Our Offering

Business Astrology 

Astrology encourages an individual to select the right business field in which the chances to succeed are higher based on the planetary positions. Informed decisions can make your business grow and reap benefits for you and your family. 

Job and Career Astrology

In today’s world, everyone is career-focused and the world has become extremely competitive and challenging. With the help of astrology, an astrologer can predict the profession that a person would be attracted to. Career Astrology can also assess the nature and skills of the person and advise them to take up the appropriate profession and studies. It also predicts how intelligent or artistic the person will be, what is the likely position person will achieve in his/her workplace, and how long the person will pursue a particular field of career.

Astrology for Marriage

Astrology for Marriage includes making a Kundali, removing obstacles for marriage, and matching kundalis with the partner to ensure happiness and prosperity. 


Palmistry refers to the reading of the palm and making predictions about life, career, and relationships. Astro-palmists recognize the zodiac signs and planetary situations in the palm lines and provide readings. This is called Astro-palmistry.


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