Hindi Class Quarterly Session (Private)


My Vedic Roots brings you a Private Hindi class Quarterly Session for Kids and Adults Which contains 24 sessions Each Session Contains 1hrs and the Class starts Every Day at 5.30 PM (PST), 7.30 PM (CST) 8.30 PM (EST).

Hindi Class Quarterly Session


My Vedic Roots was outlined by Ekta Mangal, Sweta Mangal and Yash Mangal who expected to propel Hindi language at the grass-root level. They felt that the Indian culture, its sacred observances, and customs are particularly joined with Hindi, and by propelling Hindi the Indian ‘substance’ will live on in the more young age.

Something which is uncommon and has no accomplice isn’t adequately translatable and accordingly will remain common sense. Hindi is second most used language on the earth and the rich accentuation, language, and wide up-to-date appeal that it has in people convinces My Vedic Roots to help with securing it. To do this, we have an obvious plan and down to earth ways to deal with complete it. The plan and showing ways of thinking are reviewed sporadically to give ideal benefits to the understudies.

Why Learn Hindi?

Hindi Classes can moreover bring India and the USA a great deal closer. Americans can without a very remarkable stretch get some answers concerning Indian social heritage through Hindi in their schools and by working together with their Indian sidekicks.

In a restricted ability to centre 1 year, My Vedic Roots created from 2 understudies to more than 400 and from 1 teacher to now more than 35. My Vedic Roots never tries to win prizes or affirmation. Its most prominent prize is more than 50 graduated class, an impressive parcel of whom are going about as colleague teachers and the greatest Hindi family in the USA.

On the off chance that you need to turn into a piece of My Vedic Roots family, if it’s not too much trouble, call +16503009208 or email us at

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