Marriage Astrology by My Vedic Roots


Astrology for Marriage includes making a Kundali, Removing Obstacles for Marriage, and Matching Kundalis with the Partner to ensure Happiness and Prosperity.

Marriage Astrology by My Vedic Roots

When will You or your Son/Daughter get Married is a question that most people have on their minds. Astrology or your Horoscope can give your Guidance on the timing of the Marriage Based on the Planetary Positions. Any Obstacle in you achieving your goals in life can be removed by suggesting remedies to bring peace to the planets creating havoc in your life and your horoscope. 

(1) Manglik Dosha in the Birth Horoscope 

(2) Weak seventh Housemaster in the birth horoscope. 

(3) For Boys & Men: Whenever the planet Venus (Sukra) is powerless in the horoscope it suggests a delay in marriage or issues in married life. For girls & women: Whenever the Jupiter (Guru ) is a week in a birth horoscope this suggests a delay in marriage or issues in married life. 

JanamPatri Matching or Kundli Milan

Horoscope matching or Kundli Matching is a very important task before you are going to tie your marital knot with your loving partner. Through Horoscope Matching you will get a visionary diagram comparing you and your partner compatibility readings. Horoscope Matching by Moon Astro gives Varna similarity, Vasya similarity, Tara similarity, Yoni similarity, Graha Maitri similarity, Gana Milap or Gana similarity. Horoscope Matching report additionally produces Rashi similarity, Nadi match, or Nadi similarity. As marriage is one of the most important parts of our life, that’s why we should rely on age-old traditions to guide us in this very important decision. 

JanamPatri Horoscope Matching is the core motivation of all parents and family members looking to ensure that the marriage will be a happy and fulfilling one. 

Do not leave it to fate, call us to have your Kundali read today!

    Benefits of Marriage Astrology :

  1. Predicts your future
  2. Brings harmony and amicability
  3. Checks your relationship compatibility based on birth charts
  4. Tells the advantages and disadvantages of beginning something new

     Why My Vedic Roots Astrology:

  1. We have verified and Experienced Top Astrologers
  2. One to one consultation
  3. Best result guarantee
  4. High-quality service

Process: Pay for your choice of Astrology services and we will connect with you to an Astrologer expert. The Astrologer expert will provide you with a detailed report of your planetary situation and offer you some recommendations to avoid the problems that one can encounter due to the movement of the planets. After receipt of the report, your Astrologer will organise a one on one call with you for 30 minutes to go through your questions on the report. Please note that Astrology reports are based on what the Astrologers see in your Kundali which is based on your birth date and time, your family name. 

We will seek your feedback on the report and support you in your future Endeavours.

We at have a group of specialists who have effectively enhanced lives through powerful Astrology consultations and recommendations.

Our esteemed Astrologists have created exceptional strategies to bring maximum benefit to our clients. It can bring positive energies and vibes to a wide range of areas – from home to work to relationship harmony.

My Vedic Roots experts will guide you through the process of understanding your birth chart and how the planet’s movements can affect your life path.

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Booking details: Here’s how it works. Book an Astrologer now using the payment tab and you’re good to go! From here on My Vedic Roots group will start the process of creating a detailed report based on your date and time of birth and your family name. Once you receive your report, a 30 minutes call with the Astrologer will be organised to answer your questions on the report.


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