Palmistry Astrology


Palmistry refers to the reading of the palm and making predictions about life, career, and relationships. Astro-palmists recognize the zodiac signs and planetary situations in the palm lines and provide readings. This is called Astro-palmistry.

The fundamental understanding of palmistry is considered as the activity of uncovering karma from the imprints, examples, and lines on an individual’s hand, particularly the palms.  Palmistry or palm-perusing is a sub-division of Samudrik Shastra and controls precisely with the evaluation of the hand.

Benefits of Palmistry, Astrology

  1. Makes predictions about your future based on the lines in your palm. 
  2. Provides you to see your life goals clearly and assures you of your life path. 

Why My Vedic Roots Astrology:

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My Vedic Roots experts will guide you through the process of understanding your birth chart and how the planet’s movements can affect your life path. 

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