Pregnancy Yoga Private (16 Sessions)


Pregnancy Yoga Private sessions can be an exciting and special time, but it’s also a bit mysterious. Be it Rehabilitation or fast-tracking your practice, a Private Yoga session provides you complete control and flexibility with your training.

                                           A Healthy Way to Motherhood

Online Prenatal Yoga For Fitness During Pregnancy:

My Vedic Roots has a specially curated Online Program for Expectant Mothers Like You. The program is designed to bring comfort to you during pregnancy, release stress and anxiety, and build confidence and strength.  These are Safe and Well-demonstrated Yoga Poses that should be possible online at your home to smooth child-birth and post-delivery recovery.  The online pre-birth yoga class incorporates yoga stances for second and third trimesters, breathing activities, and reflection practices to manage the pressure of pregnancy. Learn Pregnancy Yoga Poses and Exercises at Home with My Vedic Roots Online Yoga Program Now.

Prepares You Mentally:

Breathing procedures help to remain quiet and sure. You figure out how to be agreeable while being awkward, breathing activities cause you to feel the pressure inside while you breathe in, and relinquishing them when you breathe out the air. This sets you up intellectually for labor as you build up a feeling of certainty and control.

Keeps your ailment in Control:

It assists with keeping Blood Pressure typical, forestalls fast weight acquire, makes pelvic muscles more grounded, eases morning affliction, and diminishes the expansion in hands, feet, and face.

Associates with your little one creating:

yoga quiets and loosens up your psyche, and you can zero in on the easily overlooked details that are occurring within you. Yoga is one of the approaches to make the mother and infant holding by chopping down your actual weakness. It makes your parenthood venture a lifetime experience and it makes you become hopelessly enamored with yourself.

Helps in Pregnancy Hormonal irregularity and Mood Swings:

Pregnancy Hormones(progesterone and estrogen) level increments and that outcomes in emotional episodes, uneasiness, trouble, dread, and dissatisfaction, which can prompt despondency. Yoga Asanas are one the most ideal approach to keep your chemicals in charge and facilitate your excursion to Motherhood.

Advantage of Prenatal Yoga and Breathing Exercises:

Various International and Indian scientific researches have been conducted on the benefits of doing Prenatal Yoga sessions to maintain fitness during pregnancy. Following are some of the most common benefits:

  • Improved sleep and reduced stress
  • Reduced risk of preterm labor
  • Reduced shortness of breath increase the strength, flexibility, and endurance needed for childbirth
  • Decreased lower back pain
  • Decreased nausea

Yoga in pregnancy is a great way to stay active and is healthy for you and your baby. Yoga classes in pregnancy use relaxation and breathing techniques with postures that are adapted for pregnancy.

Yoga has been shown to reduce anxiety and to help women stay calm in pregnancy and labor. It can also improve your sleep. Many of the breathing techniques you use in yoga can help you get ready for giving birth.

If you use them during your labor they will help you stay calm and breathe steadily through your contractions. Doing yoga during pregnancy may even mean you need less pain-relief during your baby’s birth.

Benefits of the Private Yoga Session: 

  • Customized to suit the participant’s goals.
  • Choice of language – English, Hindi, Tamil, or Malayalam. 
  • Yoga expert 100 % focused on participant yoga practice and provides instant feedback.
  • Opportunity to discuss your progress and challenges in performing yoga practice. 
  • Flexible timing to fit with your busy schedule.

 Why My Vedic Roots Yoga

  • Top-level Yoga Experts and Gurus from all around the world. 
  • Live Session with active feedback in real-time.
  • Post-session follow-up with participants.
  • A goal-oriented approach to Yoga training.
  • Join a welcoming community of Yoga practitioners.
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