Satyanarayan Pooja


  • He is the preserver of the universe and has stead in Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. … Being a supreme god in Vaishnava tradition he is the god of protection, preservation, and Moksha Dharam restoration. My Vedic Roots brings you our tradition at your home. with online Pooja’s from our expert Pandits.
Any person can perform the Satyanarayan pooja on any day without having to wait for a tithi. Nonetheless, the purpose of the pooja is to invite as many people as possible, recite the Katha associated with it, and distribute the prasad (food offered as naiveidhya) to the Lord.

The Satyanarayan pooja can be performed on any day for any reason. It is not a pooja confined to any festivities, but Purnima (full moon day) is considered specifically auspicious for this pooja. Performing this pooja in the evening is considered more appropriate. However, one can perform this pooja in the morning as well.

In Vaishnavism, Lord Vishnu is considered a metaphysical form who takes different forms to save the universe. He is called by many names like Jagannath, Jagdish, Narayan, Vasudev, Hari, Etc.


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