Vastu Consultation for Business


Vaastu Shastra principles are not always easy to implement when living abroad. Our experts will work within the confinements of personal situations and find simple solutions to mitigate the negative energies.

Vastu Consultation for Business

What is Vastu Shastra : Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that focuses on the construction and modification of buildings, structures, and interior spaces where we live. Vaastu Shastra helps us in creating a happy, content, prosperous, enlightened, and a conducive business environment, whether it is a home, offices, and commercial places. Vaastu Shastra is the method to bring positive energy to the place we carry out business in.

     Consultations with our experts will include:

  1. Mapping the business location and the various business spaces.
  2. One hour consultation to explain the findings based on Vastu principles.
  3. A detailed report on possible solutions to mitigate the negative energies. All Vaastu yantras/instruments can be bought online through our trusted suppliers.
  4. A follow-up session with the client, after the implementation of solutions.


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