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Vaastu Shastra is the Key to Success in issues of Health, Wealth, and Prosperity. The individuals who live or work in Vaastu Compliant Places are by and large content with their environmental factors and get most extreme advantages from the Panch Mahabhoot which is bounty in nature by Gravitational power, Sunlight based energy, Lunar energy, Profound energy, and Astronomical powers.

We at My Vedic Roots have a group of specialists who have effectively enhanced a huge number of lives through powerful Vastu arranging and its executions. Our specialists are answerable for Vastu anticipating a great many families and organizations. It Incorporates Homes, Estates, Houses, Organizations, Building Developments, Plots, Hospitals, Institutions, Bungalows, and Hotels around the world. 

We have created exceptional strategies in our Vastu arranging. It can oblige a wide range of areas from a little condo to enormous ventures, private tasks, and inns. Our interview is profoundly founded on our own insight. 100% Vaastu Compliant structure if impractical one ought to consistently attempt to make the inside game plans in like manner and the habitant will profit truly just as intellectually driving into a fruitful life.

    Why My Vedic Roots Vastu

  1. We have verified and Experienced Top Vastu Consultant.
  2. One to one consultation.
  3. Best result Guaranty. 

  Languages: Book just Verified and Experienced Vastu Consultant for Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Gujarati, and English Dialects. 

     Our offering:

  • Vastu consultation for Home: One of the main elements deciding why Vastu ought to be applied in your house is to drive astronomical energy to your living space so all the five energy components of the always liberal nature can be orchestrated in your place. This will give you benefits, for example, you will make progress in your picked try, be it training, vocation or so on. Besides, a fight identified with your conjugal or love relationship can be brought to its total goal, with harmony and congruity plentiful in your bond.
  • Vastu consultation For Residential: Vastu Shastra Is the science of architecture that trains how to live in congruity with nature and how to impact nature so it functions to your advantage. It is a piece of a tremendous group of Vedic information composed more than 5000 years prior.’ Vastu’ signifies staying and ‘Shastra’ signifies logical composition – the study of planning and building homes as per the unceasing laws of nature. This course is represented by diety “Kuber”. This is the ideal heading for youthful couples and furthermore for putting away resources, significant papers, money, adornments, and so on.

Vastu consultation For Businesses: Work is worship. On average, we spend about8-10 hours in the workplace. work gives us a business as well as gives us an identification on the planet. It causes us to enhance our abilities and constructs abdominal muscle extension to meet and speak with others around us. The benefit of your organization is controlled by the work done in the business space. Also, subsequently, it is significant that we give our best in it and get the best from it, too.

Booking details: Here’s how it works. Book a Vastu Consultant on now you’re good to go! From here on My Vedic Roots group makes all the necessary game plans. Directly from allotting the Vastu Consultant sharing the Information, to sending all necessary things. we deal with it all. You can likewise book this administration over telephone at +1 (415) 463-9223 or WhatsApp @ +1 (415) 463-9223 or through email ( .


Customized Pooja Services

Yes, the Ganesh pooja was very powerful. Thank you very much for creating this unique possibility. Please let Panditji know that we are intensely grateful Actually there are no words to express our happiness and gratefulness for what you are doing over there. Luckily you can feel that.

Himanshu Agarwal (USA)

Yoga Sessions

No words could ever do justice to describe all you gain on your journey with Vedic Roots. The course challenges inspire and support your overall growth.

Amar Pawar (USA)

Residental Vastu Service

I contacted My Vedic Roots for a query about my South facing home. After explaining the overall scenario, the Vastu Guru suggested I don't need any changes and consultancy too. I feel he gave me an honest opinion and I am grateful for that. I am looking to take their consultancy services before buying a new property in the future.

Venkat Iyer (USA)

Astrology Services

I was more or less on the fence about astrology. It seemed like something fun to talk to friends like but not with any grounding. Vedic Roots Guru did my chart and basically read me in total. It was not only insightful but changed my perception of astrology.

Dixit Jain (USA)

Customized Vastu Services

I had Consultancy with Vedic Roots it was my first experience I found the prediction so correct I hadn’t told my problems asked few questions the Vastu Guru told me presently you are disturbed by this and these are the Steps to Solve that issue and Right he is Highly knowledgeable.

Vishal Bhardwaj (USA)

Private Yoga Sessions

Vedic Roots focus on the spiritual practice alongside the physical asana during the private yoga sessions Yoga Guru’s gives you techniques that you can take with you to make big improvements in your yoga practice.

Tanmay Kelkar (USA)

Vedic Pooja

Very Impressed with the Communication and Pooja has been completed. Very grateful to all the pundit and staff. It all looks so amazing. I have been recommending you to all my family and friends. Truly Blessed.

Naveen Surapaneni (USA)

Carrer and Job Astrology

When Vedic Roots Guru did my star chart, all the things in my life suddenly made sense and give me reassurance and direction for my future as well I cannot recommend highly enough professionalism, understanding, and humanity that they provide in their astrology.

Hemang Rathod (USA)


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